Nathan Alexander Pape is a musician, mathematician, acoustician, and educator born in Smithfield, VA, and based in Brooklyn, NY, from 2008 until 2018. He now joyfully resides just outside of Tulsa, OK, surrounded by old oak trees and a host of wildlife. 

Instead of simply defying the constraints of the guitar, Nathan uses its limitations and traditions as viable sources for creation. Nathan’s personal vocabulary is informed by jazz, free improvisation, acoustic phenomena, and a repertoire of American folk songs—drawing upon an excitement of the unknown and a sense of nostalgia and joy that he finds in his Virginian heritage.

His solo practice focuses on the sonic expansion of the steel-string acoustic guitar through improvisation, generative strategies, and minimalist structures/processes. This work is documented on two albums—STUDIES in 2017 and this point of view produced a dozen or more stories in 2015.

Ongoing projects include collaborations with composer/percussionist John O'Brien, saxophonist Patrick Breiner of Battle Trance (album Ground Air released on Astral Spirits in 2019), composer/pianist David Alan Broome of Ensemble Pamlemousse, synthesizer player Shawn Edward Hansen, and poet James Belflower.